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Imagine your teen – and you- having less stress, enjoying healthier relationships and excelling in their performance. It is possible with EleVive.

About Elevive

Being a teen is hard.

80% of teens report struggled with stress daily.
67% pretend to feel better than they are so they don’t worry others.
70% wish schools taught them more about mental health and coping skills.

Our teens are practically begging for help.

And that is where EleVive comes in: to teach teens and their parents the skills they need to succeed.

This is not therapy; it is skills training to give your teen and you the tools needed to flourish in all areas of their lives: academics, social relationships, sports, performing arts, life.

EleVive applies Dr. E’s patented Neuro-Regenerative Training™ (NRT), which uses cutting edge neuroscientific principles to rewire the brain and boost performance. The result? Clients develop long-lasting habits to boost emotional regulation, enhance emotional intelligence, be more resilient, and optimize their performance.

Elevate your mindset. Thrive in life. EleVive


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About Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo 

It was during her first week in psychology school that Dr. Lombardo realized that we all would benefit from better understanding our mind, and how to make it work for and not against us. This lead Dr. E on a mission to help people before they needed the proverbial shrink couch.

Via keynote speaking, media appearances, writing books and coaching, Dr. E shares research-supported strategies in bite-sized, digestible nuggets to help you rewire your brain and thrive in life.

Having personally worked with high performing executives and helped their teams adopt effective leadership, Dr. E realized adolescents and their parents needed similar skills. This resulted in the creation of EleVive.

Dr. E founded EleVive because she saw a huge need for this training in the world- and her own household. The mother of two teenagers (and a poorly behaved but very loveable dog named Bailey), she realized that, despite having a doctorate degree, she still did not have the skills she needed to be the best parent she could be.


After scouring the research and testing principles on her own daughters, she created EleVive to help families like hers and yours.

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