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Developing A Winning Mindset

Athletes train to focus on the finish line, the final score, or the gold medal in any sport. What makes athletes like Serena Williams and Tom Brady different?

We want to narrow down just a couple of vital tips for developing the “winning” mindset that every athlete wants to reach the most optimal self.

It’s Not Just Talent Alone

The most important thing to remember is not to rely on talent alone. Countless people in every profession believe they can coast on talent alone in their work. Talent can only go so far. It takes time, commitment, and countless hours of perfecting your craft to be truly great at a skill. It’s an athlete’s job to research new techniques and strategies to be at their peak performance every time.

Develop Healthy Habits

The constant stress of research and training can become a lot for athletes. Developing healthy habits will help you in the long run. By practicing them every day, they become second nature. Once they become second nature, you can focus on other things to improve your performance.

Learn from Your Failures

It might be counterintuitive to think about losing when developing a winning mindset. Even the top athletes in the world lose from time to time. Rather than letting the loss hold them back, they use it as an opportunity. There are so many things you can learn from a loss. If you’re a football player that just lost a big game, analyze the hole in your game strategy. If you’re a figure skater, watch videos of the competitors that won to see what performance elements were more advanced and then begin to improve them in your program. No matter what sport you’re in, continue to improve no matter how many times you stumble along the way.

Practice Gratitude

While gratitude may not seem important in the grand scheme of training and practicing, it is something that will keep you grounded. It may seem like the best athletes succeeded all on their own, but the fact is that they had a team of people behind them from family to friends to coaches, trainers, and doctors. If you don’t show gratitude for the experiences you’ve had and the people in your life that got you to the place you’re in now, you won’t have the support you need moving forward. Be grateful for everything that you have and it will only continue to bring that success into your life.

Take Inspired Action

One thing every mindset coach will tell you is to visualize your success. Constantly imagine what it will look like, and feel like to win the big tournament or the game. However, visualization is nothing without inspired action to back it up. A winning mindset is knowing that your success will only come if you work hard to achieve it. Use your vision as the base for what you can achieve. Who knows? Success might be better than you ever imagined.

No matter what sport you play, developing a winning mindset sets you apart from other athletes. By showing hard work, perseverance, gratitude, and a willingness to improve constantly, you will continue to be a better athlete and a better person.


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