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How Stress Impacts Teens without Your Knowledge

A mother of a 13-year-old boy found a drawing of a tombstone while she was going through her son's school notebooks.

Rest in Peace. Maybe I'd be better off dead. The teen boy wrote this caption under the drawing.

As a parent of a teen, this incident would have wrenched your heart too.

Unfortunately, teen stress is increasing at a high rate.

A psychological survey has revealed that teens' mental health condition has worsened over the years. They are suffering from higher levels of anxiety and depression.

45% of high school students are living under stress all the time, and the pandemic has aggravated the level of teen stress.

Cases of suicide attempts by adolescent girls increased by 51% more amid covid.

Every teen needs more love, care, and attention from parents in this situation. Besides, you can also take the help of proper life coaching for teens.

Let's first understand what triggers stress in teens.

Reasons for Stress in Teens

Fear and anxiety set in them when they find themselves stuck on a problem that they can't cope with. This creates stress in teens.

Here are some causes of stress in teens:

  • Too many expectations and academic pressure

  • Not being able to express themselves

  • Family problems

  • Not having any good friends

  • Watching parents fighting daily

  • Chronic illness

  • Shifting from one school to another

  • Experiencing physical changes

As a parent, you want to improve your teens' mental health. And you can do that if you recognize how stress impacts teens.

Impact of Stress on Teens

1. Drastic Change in Behavior

A teen who is an outdoor lover and enjoys spending time in playgrounds suddenly stops going out. Such drastic behavior change shows that the teen is struggling with stress.

2. Easily Get Angry

You find your teen always in a bad mood. He gets upset easily. This is because there is something that he is not able to express. This affects your teens' mental health condition.

3. Upset Stomach and Headaches

Some kids become silent and lose their essence under stress. This affects teens' mental health and causes physical health problems to them. Frequent headaches and complaining about upset stomachs are common in teens dealing with high stress.

4. Sleep Disorder

Stress impacts the pattern of sleep. A stressed-out teen finds it difficult to fall asleep. But he doesn't even feel like getting out of bed.

5. Changes in Eating Behavior

Stressed-out teens don't feel hungry. So, they avoid eating meals. Or sometimes, to distract their mind, they overeat.

6. Poor Academic Performances

Stress affects the memories and learning abilities of teens. As a result, they may lose interest in their studies or even stop attending school. This can be a long-term negative impact and take the teens on the wrong path.

Teens' behavior signals how they feel. Recognize them. You can even consult a life coach Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo. She's an expert in managing teen stress.

Life coaching for teens can help your kids significantly and give them wise guidance in life.

It's always better to seek professional help and consult a life coach before things get out of hand.


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