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Low Self-confidence in Teens

Being a teen comes with lots of emotions. And it is normal for teens to experience moments where they lack confidence. But what happens if that lack of confidence becomes a permanent part of their life?

Well, what do you do to give your teen their self-confidence back? Before we can take a look at how to make your teen confident again, let's look at the negative effects of low self-confidence in teens. Let's roll!

Negative Effects of Low Self-Confidence in Teens

Low self-confidence negatively affects teenagers in the following ways:

Academic Performance

According to a study published in the Frontiers in Psychology Journal, there is a direct correlation between self-confidence and academic achievement. Self-esteem serves as a motivator for academic engagement. The review found that individual self-esteem can help predict a student's level of academic engagement.

Students with high self-esteem are more engaged in their studies, while those lacking self-confidence are less engaged with their students. There's also a high likelihood of students with low confidence giving up on their academics altogether.


When describing health, we not only look at physical health but also focus on teen mental health, as well. According to a review study published on the Frontiers in Psychiatry, there is a direct correlation between self-confidence in teens and protective and risk factors to their mental health.

According to the review, low self-confidence is associated with depression and anxiety, which can both significantly affect a teen's quality of life. In addition, low confidence has also been linked to suicidal ideation among teens.

Some ‌signs that indicate your teenager has low confidence include:

  • Low levels of interest and motivation

  • Negative comparisons to others and self-talk

  • Feeling unwanted and unloved

Once you've determined that your child has self-esteem issues, how do you help them?

How to Help Your Teenager Build their Confidence

Promote Self-Improvement

Teens who struggle with low self-confidence struggle a lot to master a skill. It's essential to show your child that there is always a healthy balance between self-improvement and self-acceptance. Show your teenager that they can accept their flaws and work towards becoming better.

Rather than call your child stupid, you can help show your teenager that they can still improve even though they struggle academically.

Work with a Life Coach

Teens tend to lose their confidence for various reasons, such as teen stress, abuse, bad influences from friends, unsupportive parents, et cetera. Identifying the root cause of your teen's low confidence can help them deal with and address their self-confidence issues.

While most of us have wounds, that doesn't mean that we continue allowing those wounds to bleed out. Working with a life coach enables your teenager to address the issues that lead to low confidence.

They also get help to point out how their low self-confidence is destroying their lives. Life coaching for teens can help get them the tools they need to feel more confident again.

Remember, as your parent, it's your responsibility to help your child better deal with the world. But, lucky enough, you don't have to do it alone. And this is where a life coach steps in to help.


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